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Cigar collection is one of the most valuable collections that you can have especially if you are a cigar lover. You can keep on collecting cigars as long as you know the right ways to store them. You have to find the best cigar storage that can maintain the flavor of your cigars and protect them from pests or anything that might harm them. A personal humidor is the best storage that you can rely on. With a humidor for cigars, you can get the guarantee that your precious cigars are in good hands.

There are different types of cigar humidor according to size, design and construction. There are three types of wood that are used for the humidor’s interior lining. These are the Spanish cedar which is the most popular, the American red cedar and the Honduran mahogany. It is important that you are aware about these types to guide you in purchasing the best type of cigar that you should purchase.

Spanish cedar

Spanish Cedar
Spanish cedar is not originally from Spain. It is actually imported from Brazil. It offers several advantages and it is known to be the best among all the others. Cedrela odorata is its botanical term. The following are some of the most important benefits of a humidor that is made of Spanish cedar.

1. Protection from worms.
There are these so-called tobacco worms and it is very important that you protect your cigars from this type of worm. Of course, the last thing that you will ever wish is to see your precious cigars being attacked by worms.

2. High humidity absorption
With a stable climate, your cigars will be protected. Mold is also prevented.

3. Supports the cigar’s aging process.
You can keep the excitement as you watch your cigars age well and their flavors are enhanced.

American Red Cedar
The best thing about theAmerican cedar is that it is less expensive compared to the other types. There is no danger of resin formation in this wood. But the drawback is that storing cigars for longer periods in this type of wood will result to a woody flavor.

Honduran Mahogany
This type has a humidity absorption rate comparable to that of Spanish cedar and at the same time has a less intense odor. But it is not as good as the Spanish cedar when it comes to protecting cigars from worms. Those that are made up of Spanish cedar are obviously the best, aren’t they?



Personal Humidor is the Best Gift for Valentine

If you have been thinking about the best gift that you should give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, why not give them a personal humidor? They need the cigar humidors to keep their cigars fresh. It is a cigar storage that helps maintain the flavor of cigars and even improves their taste as years go by. There are different types of humidors that you can choose from. There are big and small humidors and your choice has to depend on your loved one’s number of cigar collection.

humidor gift

Finding the best kind of humidor that you should give is indeed very important. If the person that you’ll give it to loves to travel, you have to purchase a humidor that is made for travel. If he is the type that has a huge cigar collection, then you have to choose a cabinet-type for him. You can have several selections online. Aside from the size, you also have to consider the design of the humidor. Choose the one that can reflect the character of the person that you are giving it to.

Aside from its important function of keeping cigars fresh, humidor for cigars can also provide a good impact for homes. It can add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room. It will also look good on the office room. You also have to consider the type of wood that is used for humidor construction. Choose one that is made up of Spanish cedar. That will be the best among all types of humidors. The wood in the humidor has to be filled with water. This process is called seasoning and it typically takes a couple of days. The humidor must be wiped with a damp cloth and sponge. Because air inside buildings is often pretty dry, it is worthwhile to install devices which slowly release water into the humidor.

If you have been feeling stressed lately about the best gift that you should give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, a personal humidor shall be the best. Your loved ones will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. You will realize that nothing can be better than giving your loved ones the best humidor that they shall use to store their precious cigars. With the finest humidor, they will surely love to collect cigars more and more. Remember to be patient and you shall find the best!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you may be feeling really stressed now about the perfect gift that you should buy for the people that matters to you. Well, cut the stress now. You cannot think productively with the pressure on. So instead of feeling really overwhelmed with the thought of Valentine’s Day, why don’t you take a deep breath and start? Finding the perfect gift for your special someone may start with knowing what they really want. You need to analyze their needs and wants so you will be able to get the perfect item that they will truly appreciate.  If your dad, for example is a cigar lover, then why not brought him a personal humidor?

Humidor Gift

A humidor is a container that is particularly designed to keep the freshness of cigar collection. It has to be in steady 70-percent humidity so it will be able to protect the smokes from drying out. Humidors also avert mold from emerging for peace that the cigars are in good hands. A traditional humidor adds a distinct bit of cedar wood aroma to the cigars which improves their flavors through the years. It is ideal to use for cigar collections and not for cigars that are used every day. Opening the cigar humidor every now and then should be badly avoided. For sure, you can see a lot of humidors for sale on the web or in shops but you need to make sure that you choose the kind that will complement the personality of the person that you are giving it to.

Humidors come in various styles and colors. If your dad loves going on a tour, choosing the humidors that are made for travel is recommended. You also have to make your purchase with a humidor dealer that offers warranty. If he does, it is an indication that he is confident about his product and he does not mind giving away warranties. You also have to know the material that is used for humidor construction. Those that are made of Spanish cedars are mostly the best kinds. With the finest humidor that you should purchase, your dad will certainly be the happiest on Valentine’s Day with his brand new personal humidor. Now he can keep on collecting more and more smokes that he can cherish for all the years to come.

How to Calibrate an Analog Hygrometer

If you are a cigar lover, you’ve got to know the importance of a cigar humidor. It is a cigar storage that can keep the freshness and improve the flavors of your cigars too. It is very important that you should purchase a high quality humidor and that you are aware about the right ways on how you should season and keep your humidors clean.

Personal Humidor

After buying a personal humidor, some simple preparatory steps need to be carried out prior to storing cigars in the humidor. If you are not able to follow the right steps that you should do, the dry cedar wood lining will extract the humidity from the cigars. Those that are Adorini deluxe humidors hold the preciseadorini hair hygrometer and the adorini premium deluxe humidifier based on acryl polymers. You need to remember that you do not have to do the calibration if you have brought the adorini hair hygrometer. The adorini hair hygrometer comes pre-calibrated so you do not have to calibrate it anymore except when strong shocks during transport have occurred.

Calibrating the analog hygrometer is basically your first step after you make your humidor purchase. Doing so may sound complicated but honestly, it is not. You’ll just need to follow some few, quick steps. Primarily, there are two methods to calibrate an analog hygrometer. Knowing these two shall guide you in what you are supposed to do.

The suggested and most precise calibration method is to place the hygrometer together with a salt solution into a small plastic box. You will also need a spoon that is filled with salt and then moisten it with drops of water. You need to estimate the water well. A few drops will do. The salt should not dissolve, but merely be damped.Place the hygrometer and the salt in a well-sealed plastic box and then wait for eight hours. After this specific time frame, the box should have reached a humidity of 75%.

Another way to test calibrate the analog hygrometer is through removing the hygrometer from the humidor. You need to wrap the hygrometer in a thoroughly moistened cloth and then wait for an hour. After an hour, you have to adjustthe hygrometer on the rear with a screwdriver to 96% rel. humidity. You need to make sure that you do the calibration right and maintain proper humidor care.

If you are a cigar collector, you have to know the right ways of storing your cigar. A cigar humidor is a storage for cigars that has been popularly used through the years. Basically, there are two different options for the construction of humidors. First, it is based on MDF or medium density fiberboard wherein the interior is lined with a veneer of Spanish cedar. Its exterior is consists of a veneer of some type of hardwood. The next type of humidor construction is when the entire humidor case is manufactured of solid wood. Most of the time, the entire humidor is made of solid Spanish cedar without any interior lining.


While some people think that solid wood humidors are superior to veneer humidors, that is not always the case. Humidors that are made of solid wood are actually sold in higher price. However, those that are made of veneer took so much time and effort to produce. The more complicated construction of veneer humidor outweighs the high price of the material of solid wood humidors. Those that are made of solid wood have a higher internal humidity. The internal wood inflates and it leads to tensions in the walls of the humidor.

Veneer humidors have the plus that the internal MDF will expand less with an upsurge in humidity. With this type of humidor, you’ll never need to worry about possible cracks or tears that may happen inside the lid of the humidor. This is a clear edge of veneer humidors over those that are made up of solid wood. Those that are made up of solid wood are more prone to damages because the wood is actually very soft. Another advantage of choosing such kind is that that high gloss lacquer finishes can be better applied on hardwood veneers.

Remember to be meticulous in choosing the best humidor for cigars that you should purchase. Just take your time. There are different kinds of humidors according to size, function, and the materials that they were made of. With a perfect humidor, you can keep your peace that your precious cigars are kept fresh. You can go on with your cigar collection and keep on buying more. Purchasing a personal humidor is a good kind of investment. Aside from choosing the best type, prepare yourself for regular humidor care and maintenance too.